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What You Should Understand About the Palestinian Catastrophe

Known as the day that modern Israel came about, Palestinians make sure to celebrate the Catastrophe on May 15. If you want to learn more about the many implications of the Palestinian catastrophe, make sure to read more here.

Basically, the al-Naqba is the memorable event that has marked the lives of Palestinians in a different way from the other Arab Muslim groups in the area. Their identity has been made better known with this event.

There is one same day that the Palestinians consider as their national day as the day that Israel considers as their independence day. And yet, in spite of putting some focus on Palestinian culture and society, what has become the main focus during these times that are not at all what they are doing is the actions of their neighbors.

Now, the question of what exactly is the real catastrophe comes into the picture. For the past years, some Palestinians that commemorated the al-Naqba always get surrounded by the fighting and anarchy happening all across Gaza. This has basically resulted in Palestinians considering the Naqba as a reminder of the absence of being united in their society. With all obvious internal conflicts the Palestinians have even before 1948 have led them to lose the war of the same year of not allowing Israel to be formed.

This site will tackle more on what really is the real problem of the Palestinians that have made Naqba events become what they are for countless years.

The Hamas is most definitely the first thing that would come up to most minds when you talk about this very special day among the Palestinians. A military group formed in the year 1987, the Hamas has one goal and that is to wage violence and war in Israel utilizing suicide bombings as well as rocket attacks. For them, a Palestinian state must be established to get rid of Israel for good.

The Hamas are well known for attacking presidential guards with machine guns and missiles during the al-Naqba day with this company of their members. Once they are set on a mission, they make sure to never miss out their target and keep a close range on their enemies and really shoot them in the head. If they realize that that what they have done is just too far, they blame Israel for causing the violence.

Without having any regard for their actions and the lives of other people and still putting the blame on Israel, the Hamas are the real catastrophe in Palestine.

What are happening all around them and their state are all caused by their not being accountable on all the violence that they have done but when this is achieved, you can be sure that they can change for the better. To learn more about the real catastrophe behind this ongoing war, be sure to click here for more.

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