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Why Many Countries Still Think Iran Is a Sponsor of Terror Even After Agreement

Iran is a sponsor of terror among the top threats in the world. The purpose of the Iran deal was to enhance the world peace by reducing this risk. Therefore, the deal had conditions that would reduce Iran supporting terror activities. Some countries saw the flaws in Iran deal and rejected it. The challenge was that the supporters of the Iran deal wanted to make a stop to Iran is a sponsor of terror as soon as possible. Here are the flaws in Iran deal to stop them from supporting terror.

Iran being sponsor of terror was a significant concern to the world thus governments used sanctions on trading with Iran. The sanctions are detrimental to any country’s economy making them ideal tools for the deal. The Iran deal was to remove the sanctions for a given duration and in return, Iran would minimize the extraction of the materials used in making the nuclear bomb. Having a time interval in the Iran deal was a mistake. It is only paused the Iran support for terror the given period. Therefore lifting sanctions to many people only enhance the economy of Iran for the period they are not supporting terror. Therefore, Iran supporting terror was just put on hold as they can resume.

The opponents of the Iran deal claimed that it did not offer room for inspection. It is therefore difficult to know whether Iran is keeping their part of the deal. Being a sponsor or terror means that you cannot trust that country to adhere to the set conditions. Hence, the possibility of Iran still being a sponsor of terror despite having the deal to stop them. The lack of a clause to enforce the Iran deal makes it possible for the country to continue their manufacture of nuclear bombs.

The title of a sponsor of terror is for nations involved in the international killing of innocent people with various agendas. The Iran deal only focused on activities happening within the country. Thus, although Iran may not be making the weapons itself it may work with other terror groups from other countries. The flaw in Iran deal in this instance is lack of terms on how to regulate their relations with other countries known for supporting terror. Hence, it is possible that Iran is aiding foreign terror groups and other countries with the title of a sponsor of terror.

It is crucial for all nation to recognize the danger of Iran supporting terror. The flaws in Iran deal need to reviewed and implement the solution carefully. It is devastating for the citizens of a country when there has been a terrorist attack. Countries need to join forces to fight nations supporting terror.

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